About Us

Chapel in the Woods is located at our Christian home on our family farm near Louisburg, NC. My husband and I bought the property, 56 acres, from my great uncle’s family when they were settling the estate. We planned to build a pond and a house to make it our home one day. This property was perfect for us because my parents lived on the adjacent tract of land. We lived in town for a few years but I always wanted to return to the country life.

We built the pond first and later in 1988 built our house overlooking the pond. Our two children, JR and Leslie, enjoyed riding bikes and 4-wheelers through the woods on the farm as children. We’ve loved living in the open space away from city lights and sounds. I can certainly understand why Leslie wanted her wedding at home in the country.

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We opened Chapel in the Woods as a wedding venue after our daughter had her wedding at our family farm. Our daughter’s wedding was in September of 2014 and everyone encouraged me to offer our place to other brides. I thought it would be fun to have a couple of weddings a year! Why not? After all, I like working in the yard to ensure it looks nice anyway! I soon found out in order to open our property to the public we had to meet several regulatory requirements or our business could be shut down at a moment’s notice.

I’m happy to say we met all county and state requirements in 2015.

The story of how our outdoor wedding chapel called “Chapel in the Woods” began: Our daughter, like many brides was looking for the perfect place for her dream wedding. She had decided she wanted something different from all the beautiful weddings she had attended. She wanted to make her wedding her way with her own style in mind.

I remember how panicked I felt when she decided she wanted her wedding at home on our farm. We visited other venues to change her mind, but I overheard her tell a wedding planner that she couldn’t have her dream wedding anywhere but her mom’s house. Well, that was when I knew I had to begin the process of making my home wedding-worthy.

She imagined the ceremony overlooking the pond in a woodsy area of our yard and she thought our rustic barn would serve as the perfect cocktail area for the guests. After showing me what she had in mind, I started to work. We had to think of all the moving parts of a wedding and plan how everything would flow.  She turned our yard into a magical, enchanting experience for her friends and family. Our daughter and her husband were married at our home in September of 2014.  As a result, people are asking if they too can share "Chapel in the Woods" with their wedding guests.

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“Praise God for blessing this little Chapel.”